ponturo intelligent assistant

Our fully customisable and intelligent solution for everyday business tasks

pia stands for ponturo intelligent assistant and is our customisable service offering for simplifying the everyday digital business life. By combining artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, our solution streamlines your processes and seamlessly combines recurring tasks. Benefit from our technical expertise and work with our experts to develop a customised solution that can support your organisation in areas such as data analysis, visualisation, research and the management of time-consuming workflows.

Step by step to a customised solution

1. Identification of use cases


The ponturo intelligent assistant is not a finished product. It is rather a toolbox that you can use to organise daily tasks more efficiently. We would like work closely with you to identify use cases in which our range of services can create added value for your organisation.

2. Definition of requirements


You decide on the scope of functions, the connection of the desired systems and data sources as well as the authorisation management. In this step, you work with us to define functional and non-functional requirements for your solution and outline your customised digital assistant.

3. Development and deployment


Our experts work closely with you and your users to develop and implement your customised intelligent assistant in your IT infrastructure and ensure smoth commissioning through regular testing and further development of the solution.

  • AI algorithms are a black box and solutions are incomprehensible

    AI algorithms are a black box and solutions are incomprehensible

    A common concern in connection with AI is that decisions made by the underlying algorithms are not transparent. The transparency of decisions made is of crucial importance, especially with regard to the GDPR and the EU AI Act, when it comes to the use of AI in companies. Our range of services is based on classic machine learning algorithms such as Random Forest or Decision Tree, the output of which can be traced at any time, thus ensuring GDPR compliance from the outset.

  • Shared information is available to the whole world?

    Shared information is available to the whole world?

    Common AI solutions require an active connection to the internet in order to function. Our range of services, on the other hand, is operated locally and our customised range of services can be easily implemented in your system infrastructure without having to access the Internet to create added value. At the same time, it remains possible to allow publicly accessible information from the Internet for more general questions. In this case, however, no more information than necessary is shared with the rest of the world at any time and no data leaves your organisation.

  • Answers from an AI are not reliable?

    Answers from an AI are not reliable?

    It is true that the use of artificial intelligence can lead to hallucinations or false statements. This is due to the fact that certain solutions are based on a ‘frozen’ level of knowledge that is already outdated or that ambiguous contextualisations can lead to false statements. Our range of services offers you the option of connecting only those data sources that correspond to the truth for you and guarantee a clear answer. External sources such as the internet are then deliberately ignored and the artificial intelligence only uses the information that is available to it.

  • Will automation and AI make human labour obsolete?

    Will automation and AI make human labour obsolete?

    Automated processing of individual process steps and artificial intelligence are not intended to replace people, but to provide meaningful support in day-to-day work. By jointly analysing recurring tasks within your organisation, we identify those work steps that are particularly time-consuming for your employees and require little creativity. These process steps can be shortened by using RPA. This efficiency gain allows your employees to concentrate on the essentials. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is not intended to take decisions, but rather to provide tips and solutions. The decisions are still up to you and your employees. Understand AI as a support, not as a replacement for human judgement.


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